Friday, August 20, 2010


I drew this to give as a gift to my cousin, on her wedding day.
Haven't done any blending, only pencil strokes.

Pencil on paper
11" x 8"

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I did this for a client who's one of my friends. I had to finish it wthin a very short time period.
Actualy I'm not satisfied with the image which I'v uplaoded here - is slightly different from the drawing, because of the bad light conditions.
Finally it's the outcome of few sleepless nights and lot of hardwork.

Pencil on paper
2' x 2' 6''


I did this when I was in grade 4 - I was 9 years old then.
But this is not my first portrait, well it was same in size to the original photo.
Actualy I didn't have any knowledge in portrait drawing. My mom taught me how to enlarge the drawing.
I drew two more portraits those days, but unfortunately those are not with me now.
I was studying in St.Agnes Convent - Balangoda when I drew these


This is made of paper pulp....
I did this when I was in gade 9 - I was14 years old.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx
This is a watercolour painting of Karl Marx,one of the greatest men to walk on the face of earth,he was a man with great wisdom. I did my best to try and bring that character out with this painting.